Forgotten Sheffield bands: Speedy (formerly Blammo!)

Another quickly-forgotten Sheffield band is remembered here

In the early 90s I remember Blammo! playing quite a bit live in and around Sheffield, but it was only when they changed their name to Speedy that the band properly caught my attention.

Most memorable for me was the promotional campaign for their Boy wonder single. The artwork for the release featured a striking illustration of a boy in his Boy wonder pants and if I recall correctly it was plastered on lampposts all over the city centre in the run-up to its release in 1996.

This was just around the peak of Britpop when guitar bands were getting top 10 hits, but for Speedy this wasn’t to be. Despite the promotional campaign, Boy wonder failed to break into the top 40 and a couple of years later they split, with their debut album recorded but unreleased.

I saw them at Music in the sun in 1997 and they were great, holding their own on the bill alongside Longpigs and Baby bird (Stephen Jones was in a very irritable mood that day though). Speedy stood out as a good guitar band and were described by Sheffield music journalist Martin Lilleker as “lyrically clever-funny”.

This website has more information including a discography, which for some reason is presented as a PDF, plus there is more information on Blammo! on and in this thread.

Boy wonder did make it onto Polygram’s Shine 7 compilation album, but you can also listen to it here, courtesy of

Boy wonder (1996) record sleeve,
taken from

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  1. I can’t wait to see what other Sheffield bands you cover, (coming from there originally) I’m putting together a Sheffield bands playlist so any thoughts would be great…

  2. Carysw

     /  23 August, 2012

    i’m actually wearing one of their navy t-shirts right now! saw them when i was in Uni in Wolverhampton!

  3. John Halton

     /  16 December, 2012

    A proposed Wikipedia entry for the band was rejected because the “submission is not adequately supported by reliable sources”. If anyone can provide verifiable information on the bands career, from primary rather than secondary sources, I’ll happily incorporate these and re-submit.

    In particular references to their first gig under the Speedy name being held at the Spud Club and the fact that Zoe Ball was a fan of the band need to be backed up.

  4. I'm Spartacus

     /  30 April, 2014

    I saw Blammo support the Beautiful South in Gateshead in 1992, and then saw Speedy in Stockton around 1997. The Spartacus video was on MTVs 120 Minutes a few times.
    I wish they would reform and do a few gigs.

  5. MarkA

     /  21 November, 2014

    Saw them support the House of Love when they were Blammo and had t-shirts like an umbro design. The Blades played Arsenal that day. Saw them as Speedy at Camelots Doncaster, the 100 Club in London and also at Walthamstow when Russell from PULP turned up to watch in a powder blue suit. They were super live.

  6. John

     /  30 July, 2015

    Wikipedia article on the band has finally been accepted and is now online.

  7. Esta reacción paradójica generalmente desaparece en el plazo de 2 semanas,
    del comienzo del tratamiento.

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