Free wi-fi hotspots in Sheffield

Update: many of the locations for free wi-fi on this page are still valid, however since creating this page another map of wi-fi hotspots has been launched, which you may find useful.


Below is a list of free wi-fi hotspots in Sheffield. As these are tested I will update the list (view map in new window).

The Dove and Rainbow
Hartshead Square, S1 2EL
Public house
Tested 10/5/08

The Forum
127-129 Devonshire Street, S1 4GF
Cafe bar
Login and password available from the bar
Tested 10/5/08

149-151 West Street, S1 4EW
Tested 9/9/08

Tudor Square, S1 2JE
Cafe bar
Tested 1/5/08

The Showroom cinema
7 Paternoster Row, S1 2BX
Cafe bar
Tested 10/5/08

Urban Deli
Campo Lane, S1 2EG
Encryption key available from the bar
Tested 1/2/08


18-19 The Arches, S2 5SY
Car and restaurant

Gusto Italiano
18 Church Street
Sheffield, S1 2GN

The Harley
334 Glossop Road, S10 2HW
Public house

The Howard
57 Howard Street, S1 2LW

Lions Lair
31 Burgess Street, S1 2HF
Public house

535-541 Ecclesall Road, S11 8PR
Bar and restaurant

The Rutland Arms
Brown Street, S1 2BS
Public house

The Runaway Girl
111 Arundel Street, S1 2NT
Restaurant, music venue and late bar

4 St James Street, S1 2EW
Attempted to test 10/5/08 but unable to connect and owner was unhelpful

The Scholar
London Road, S2 4LA
Public house

Site Gallery Cafe
1 Brown Street, S1 2BS
Gallery cafe

The Varsity
173-179 West Street, S1 4EW
Public house

Wig and Pen
44-46 Campo Lane, S1 2EG
Bar and restaurant
Key available from the bar

Winter Gardens
Surrey Street, S1 2LH
Indoor gardens

Outside the city centre (all untested)
The Broadfield
, 452 Abbeydale Road, S7 1FR
Cafe Latino, 557 Ecclesall Road, S11 8PT
Cafe Uno, 631 Ecclesall Road, S11 8PT
Coffee Revolution, 471 Ecclesall Road, S11 8PP
The Hadfield
, 26 Barber Road, S10 1ED
The Rising Sun, 471 Fulwood Road, S10 3QA

View Google map in new window

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  1. Have used the Showroom one many times, it’s working and still free.

  2. Dom

     /  9 September, 2008

    Coffee Revolution on Ecclesall Rd has free wifi, just need the key from the counter.

  3. Nicolas

     /  7 December, 2008

    Thanks a lot for this website, really useful !
    The Wig and pen, tried several times, free wifi, just need the key from the counter. Really good connection.

  4. Pete

     /  13 January, 2009

    The Rising Sun, 471 Fulwood Road, S10 3QA Tested and working, a really nice pub.

  5. Glyn

     /  23 January, 2009

    The Lounge – a Plasma-screened, burger-serving Bar-cum-Restaurant – in the Meadowhall Oasis has totally free WiFi.

  6. Stuart

     /  6 February, 2009

    Ponds Forge is also fully Wi-Fi enabled – no key required

  7. Don’t forget The Howard pub (Howard Street) opposite the station – great when stopped outside waiting for the 47/48 bus – can check my emails!

  8. Winnieblade

     /  13 April, 2009

    Most McDonalds support free wifi connectivity. Usually its only possible to connect from the inside though as the range seems to be quite weak. But if your like me and pop in for a coffee before going to work, its ideal for checking emails or social sites etc.

  9. One not on the list – Ponds Forge.

  10. ike

     /  2 February, 2010

    and The Psalter, psalter lane, S7, free and open access 🙂

  11. Gusto Italiano is where I had meetings with clients, but it’s a bit hit and miss. I now use the forum, excellent connection.

  12. Let’s hope you’ve all heard of Firesheep… ; )

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