Forgotten Sheffield bands: Blameless

The signs were all there

It is great when the buzz builds around a local band and they come crashing into the top 20 with a brilliant breakthrough single. That was what happened with Blameless in 1996, but unfortunately the Sheffield band never managed to build on this initial success.

The breakthrough song in question was Breathe (a little deeper), an atmospheric-yet-melodic three-chord guitar anthem released in March 1996 and playlisted on Radio 1 at the time:

Debut album, The signs are all there, followed in September that year and if I recall correctly, Town clowns, Don’t say you’re sorry and Signs were all lifted from it as singles. But they would fail to trouble the top 75 again and the story of what happened to the band now seems to have been lost. I would be interested to hear when the band split and whether they continued to make music post-Blameless.

The video for the Signs single can be seen on this video from the Chart show in 1996. Signs starts from 0:48:

If you enjoyed that, the YouTube user that uploaded this indie chart has lots more Chart show top 10s online.

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  1. I really liked Blameless, thought they were excellent. Saw them perform at the Roadhouse in Manchester once. Sad that they didn’t carry on. Just the one album then.

  2. Yeah loved them back in the early 90’s and Town Clowns was a great track. I actually thought they were from the USA until I read this post! Sound like the Gin Blossoms and those kind of indie bands from the USA. Thanks for the info anyway.

  3. Yes, I a session with them at Hallam FM in 1996 and recorded their gig at The Leadmill, too. A band far better than their chart record suggests.
    Readers of this forum might be interested in a project I am developing at radio2XS to re-focus on the Sheffield scene of 20 years ago: we have loads of sessions and demos from the 1990s and are planning to involve as many of the bands’ members as we can find.
    Anyone who can help, please get in touch.

  4. simon

     /  9 July, 2012

    jeff did this ever come off? and if so do you of anyone else have any clue if any of the band members ever formed other bands, i thought that blameless album was awesome and still listen to it loads.

  5. Mark

     /  29 March, 2013

    “The signs are all there” is a great album, (I’m listening to it at present as I’m converting all my albums to WMA to centralise my record collection). Not sure exactly sure why they broke up but the final nail in the coffin was on a tour of the South West. We were supposed to see them at a pub in Falmouth only to turn up and be told by the manager that they had had a fight between themselves at their gig a couple of nights before and the band had decided to break up. Really dissapointed to have never seen them as I still dig the album out every now and again for a quick listen!

  6. Darren

     /  27 January, 2014

    I was reading up what happened to them. Breathe (a little deeper) was my anthem of ’96 and I still play it – this I what brought me here!!!
    And then I realised it’s nearly 20yrs ago

  7. Anneshillito

     /  31 January, 2015

    Wow! What a great band. Bought the album back in the day and am listening as I type. Fantastic!! What a waste! Where have they gone.

  8. Alex

     /  27 August, 2015

    I know I am entering this really late but why didn’t Breathe make it onto their album? I remember hearing this song and ordering the album and not understanding why this song wasn’t on it?

  9. Darren

     /  30 August, 2015

    thats a good question – i was the exact same. with BREATHE A LITTLE DEEPER being played on radio etc and hearing it for first time, then when i bought album i was checking the disc to see if it was the right band. the album sounded different to what was single was released. Maybe a clever marketing ploy to sell album???……but it is strange.

  10. John

     /  20 May, 2016

    Jason was my neighbour and mate growing up and so saw Blameless loads of times in boozers and finally at he Leadmill gig where they supported the band who ended up supporting INXS at Sheffield Octogon in ’93. Jason has 2 kids now and works for his father in law. Jared still sings around pubs etc and but thats all i know

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